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The aroma of baked apples and pumpkin fills the air

There is nothing better than the smell of apples and pumpkin in the oven. Today we baked our Signature Dog Biscuit. We call it Gimiwan Animosh Bow Wow Biscuit. Inspired by our family animosh (dog) we have cut these treats into the shape of a poodle. Gimiwan (Rain) is a personable small standard poodle that is worthy of having a baked good in his honor. We have also combined two of his favorites, pumpkin(okosiman) and apples (mishiimin) along with oats to create a delicious biscuit that looks too good to feed to a dog. It tastes great and is made simply with three human-grade ingredients. All we did is leave out any unneccessary sugars, salt and preservatives typically found in a human version. We are certain that your furry canine family members will appreciate the love and care we take to create dog treats that are free of artificial and unnecessary ingredients. Our products are what we refer to as Real Food, not simply something that is edible. Food manufacturing practices have changed significantly over time and not necessarily for the better. We use locally grown real-food ingredients from the Great Lakes region in our dog treat products because we believe that processed foods support economy, but not life. Both dogs and their humans deserve the best food available. We are honored to be able to offer you what your dog deserves, healthful dog treats.

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