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How to identify healthy dog treats - there is such a thing!

Recently I read a great article in Whole Dog Journal that supported our efforts at Gimiwan Goodies. Here are some great points from what was posted: What to Look for in Dog Treats Ingredients that are sourced as close as possible to the manufacturer (locally sourced ingredients) are good. This is good for the environment, too! What constitutes quality in a pet food ingredient? Actually, the same attributes that indicate quality in human food. Top-quality ingredients are as fresh, pure, and as minimally processed as possible. Ingredients that are locally sourced are also very good. Locally sourced ingredients are fresher than ingredients that require shipping from across the country. That’s good for the environment, too!!! Every ingredient on the label should be an easily recognizable food. There should be no question what the source is. If a treat is preserved, it should contain a natural preservative. Vitamins C and E (the latter is listed as “mixed tocopherols”) are effective and safe preservatives. Other Admirable Traits • We like to see products with recycled (and/or recyclable) and minimal packaging. Gimiwan Goodies uses biodegradable packaging! • We seek out treats that are either small, or easy to break into small pieces so you don’t ruin your dog’s diet. Gimiwan Goodies focuses on smaller sized treats! • We admire companies that simply list the ingredients in their products, without splashing the ingredients they don’t contain all over the label, as in, “No soy, wheat, or corn!” Many dogs do just fine with soy, wheat, corn, and other ingredients that some food makers try to marginalize. (Please consider that there is a difference between a label that boasts, “No artificial colors or preservatives!” and one that says, “No corn!”). Gimiwan Goodies uses NO artificial ingredients or preservatives! If you do not already read the label of every food item you consider buying, get in the habit! Most of the information you need to know in order to determine the product’s quality is legally required to appear on the label. After you see what the majority of dog treat products are made with, we welcome you to go to to order products your dog will enjoy and benefit from.  

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