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Treat Wisely

Did you know that feeding vegetables & fruits is a great way to supplement and treat without adding too many calories or artificial ingredients? When you offer extra nutrition in small amounts, you can help provide health benefits for your dog.

Gimiwan Goodies makes it easy to supplement your dog's diet with healthy fruit- & vegetable-based treats. These yummy human-grade morsels are made with five ingredients or less. No oils, fats, or sugars added. Good enough for both of you to eat.

Try our Great Lakes Hunters Mix for a new spin on animal crackers made with peas and carrots. Your pooch will snap up our Midwest Sweet Potato Chews, a healthy snack of specially dried sweet potatoes. Designed as a training reward, your furry friend will love our Paw-Some Pup Poppers made of oats, apples and farm fresh egg.

If you have questions or would like more information about our products, contact us.

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