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People Food 4 Dogs

We often are advised "not to feed our dogs table scraps or people food", but many of us share our food anyway, Right??? Of course we do. We love our dogs as much as any other family member. We show them love with food. To help you show your love but not endanger your dog's health maybe we need to rethink "table scraps" or "people food". Our dog Gimiwan (ojibwe for Rain) has been dealt the card of a Registered Dietitian for a human mother. OH NO! a Dietitian can only mean one thing, flavorless healthy foods. Now, a Registered Dietitian is not the same as a Veterinary Nutritionist, but rest assured, no harmful foods are being offered to Gimiwan and none will be offered to any dog.

Gimiwan Goodies is a newly formed small business which manufactures minimally processed human-grade food options for dogs. We use fresh local produce and Midwestern Great Lakes Local food ingredients in our products. We have been described as Farm To Table mixed with Native Cuisine and we agree with that assessment. One of our main goals is to offer healthful training/reward treats for dogs that could readily be eaten by the human family members as well. We look forward to working both for and with fellow dog owners who, like us, believe our dogs deserve the best nutrition in the least complicated and least expensive way possible.

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