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Finndian Farms

Finndian Farms works to care for the land. We focus on low-impact production, and let nature do the work. In exchange we are provided gifts including maple products, sunchokes, eggs, sage, sweetgrass and other native medicines. Additionally we look to share our experiences and learn from others by hosting visitors! 

Send us an email to learn more about where to find our products. 


Maple Syrup

We are nestled in the Shingleton State Forest and our property is rich with maple trees. We thoughtfully tap trees every spring to produce syrup and other maple products. 

Indigenous Plants

For years, we've been working with the land to let nature take its course while simultaneously adding native varieties to the property. 

After years of working hard in the garden every year, we realized that growing native foods and medicines requires less work, energy and time. It also protects itself better against the climate and the creatures and insects that we share the forest with. 

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